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Track Listing:
1. Tomorrow's Another Day
2. Sometimes You Have To Ask Yourself
3. Under Lock And Key
4. Chick Magnet
5. G.S.F.
6. Cold And All Alone
7. Party, My House, Be There
8. The Downfall Of Western Civilization
9. Time Brings Change
10. Fist Vs Tact
11. Small Town Minds
12. Walking Bye
13. Andrea
14. Want ad
15. Lifetime Enlightenment
16. Forgive And Forget
17. Invitation To Understanding
18. Dolores
19. Middlename
20. I'm OK, You're OK

Released on Tooth & Nail Records, July 1999

Some of these are promo copies and may have a cut in the case or a small holed drilled through the barcode. This in no way effects the disk or the booklet.
We were able to get a good deal on these from the record label and so are passing the savings on to you.

Sold Out