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Image of B-MOVIE DVD & AC/EP


Released by SideOneDummy in 2004.

The B Movie DVD, along with its accompanying AC/EP CD featuring five acoustic versions of the band's songs-including the brand-new "Grey Skies Turn Blue" and "The Silver Screen"-sums up the band's legacy with a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the whirlwind that is MxPx. The film, directed by Jeff Myers with MxPx, shows them touring Europe and Japan, working in the recording studio and just hanging out. It culminates in MxPx's special three-night stint at Seattle's Graceland last September, where they performed in front of an enthusiastic throng of longtime fans, who sang along with every word.

The DVD, B Movie features live versions of such MxPx classics as Tomorrow is Another Day, Well Adjusted, Responsibility, PxPx, and Let it Happen. As well as takes fans behind-the-scenes to see what makes the band tick, from confessing their own roles in this dysfunctional, but working family, and answering hate mail from a distraught mom insisting the group is corrupting her daughter to interviews with their rabid followers.

We only have a few copies left.

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