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"New Year's Eve" by Mike Herrera [Digital Download]

Image of "New Year's Eve" by Mike Herrera [Digital Download]


Written by Mike Herrera
Tomorrow Never Comes Music 2015

Audio Recording Credits
I had a lot of help on this track. Thank you to the following musicians and recordists.

Additional Vocals - Jody Ellen
Keys - Will Nutter
Drums and percussion - Ben Hilzinger
Percussion - Greg Bennett
Mike - Bass, guitars, vocals
Additional sounds and keys - Connr Fychan
Produced and recorded by Mike Herrera
Recorded and mixed by: Bradly Miranda
Mastered by Matthew Wolk Mastering

Please note, this is a ZIP file download (compressed MP3 & JPG files) and only available via the Merch Arsenal. This download only works on a desktop computer. The download will not work from an iPhone or iPad. You will need to download to a computer and then add the song to your smartphone or tablet. Thank you.

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